West by Southeast

Greetings friends! My journey has officially commenced. I left Boston on Wednesday and headed straight to Schenectady, NY where I had an inspiring lunch with my college advisor and spent the evening catching up with my dear old friend Tricia. New York City is still sopping wet from the hurricane, so I had to settle for a drive-by high five from across the Hudson instead of visiting with friends. Hang in there, guys!

Instead of stopping in New York, I drove down to Baltimore, by way of a quick pit stop for lunch in Philly. First stop in Baltimore: Crossfit with Shannon at her new gym, after which we joined up my high school friend Colby for an awesome mexican feast.

Breakfast in Albany, lunch in Philadelphia, and dinner in Baltimore. So far I feel like I’m luxuriously jet setting, courtesy of my trusty Subaru Outback.

Today I’m off to Cincinnati by way of a bookstore where I hope to acquire a stack of paper maps. It has only been two days and I’m already fed up with the new apple maps software on my phone. It’s time for a bit of manual navigation.

Yesterday’s song on repeat: Tribulations by LCD Soundsystem

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